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  •  Understanding the Medical Condition of a Scratched Eye

A scratched eye can be quite uncomfortable and painful. This article endeavors to highlight some general facts, how to treat, and how to avoid corneal abrasion. A Corneal abrasion is a scuff that happens on the whitish part of the human eye that is known as cornea. Generally, this occurs when the exterior layer of the human cornea is wounded. An individual will immediately realize it if the following symptoms manifests, for example, photophobia, excess release of tears, uncomfortable feeling in the eye, and hurtful cornea. Moreover, a blurred vision may occur due to excessive inflammation of the cornea.

  • There are some major known causes of scratched eye and they include prodding of a finger or any other sharp object into the eye. Besides, corneal abrasion can be as a result of grit or rubbing of one’s eye, the above may result into a cut on the cornea. Sometimes it is possible for foreign bodies such as fingernails or eyelash hair to enter the eye and consequently scratching it. In other cases hard contact lenses have been known to cause corneal abrasion if they have not been worn for a long time.

However, there are some basic applications that can be very vital in avoiding and preventing scratched eye. The best way is by protecting oneself from all forms of bothersome scratches. For instance, an individual can wear goggles while working with machines that cause specks to load the air. Moreover, it is imperative to keep one’s nails short and neat, contact lenses should be removed prior to sleeping, and all contact lens wearers ought to keep them clean.

However, should an unfortunate thing happen and an individual hurts their eye, then it is imperative to perform first aid treatment prior to getting professional assistance of an eye specialist. For instance, if an individual is having a minor eye irritation due to a speck of dirt, then it is important to wash one’s eye with clean running water. A solution of saline can also be used to clean the affected eye. The procedure is accomplished by tilting the head back, and then pouring clean water on the eye. However, caution ought to be exercised to avoid water entering the nostrils. Lastly, water can be placed in a large bowl; the victim is allowed to immerse their head into the water while still opening their eyes.

After performing the above first aid basics, the victim can now visit a doctor to have a professional treatment for their eye. Mostly, an eye specialist is known as ophthalmologist, they shall thoroughly examine the eye and consequently offer the best treatment. For instance, depending on the gravity of the condition they shall recommend some antibiotics that are mostly administered in eye-drops forms. Some steroid eye-drops are useful in relieving inflamed eyes and moreover, they aid in avoiding scarring. To relieve painful eyes instantaneously, anesthetic eye-drops can be used. However, to avoid any eventuality of a tetanus attack, the doctor might recommend a tetanus injection.

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