Understanding its Nature, Signs, Symptoms and Recommended Treatments

Many people these days are trapped within the catastrophic condition brought by eye problems. There are several types of eye problems cited that have been affecting individuals from different walks of life. Scratched eye or corneal abrasion is one of the eye problems that has been causing pain and discomfort to people and interfering with their usual way of life. Scratched eye can be quite painful and uncomfortable; therefore this needs to be given prior medical attention to avoid serious complications

Learning its Nature: Scratched eye or corneal abrasion is a scratch or cut in the cornea, which is the clear cover of the eye’s front also covering iris and helping it to focus light. This eye condition can be painful however, there are minor and common ones that heal with just a little consequence to one’s vision. On the other hand, there are serious conditions that can threaten the eyesight therefore it is imperative to be more familiar and aware of this eyesight ailment.Anything that touches the eye can yield to scratched eye or corneal abrasion. Any individual can experience this eye condition however; this is more prevalent on contact lens users. Contact lenses that are improperly cleaned and over-worn can be culprits for corneal abrasion. Even rubbing the eyes due to dust particles and dirt can cause abrasions especially if the fingernail touches the surface of the eye.

Unveiling the Common Causes of Scratched Eye: Various situations can cause scratched eye and these situations include the following:

  • Being poked with plant, make up brush and fingernail in the eye.

  • Ash, dirt, sawdust, sand and other foreign objects blown to the eyes and get caught under the eyelid.

  • Rubbing the eyes aggressively can also cause scratch or abrasions.

  • Chemical burns, dirty and poor fitting contacts.

  • Particular types of infections in the eye can also cause abrasions.

  • Lack of eye protection especially during surgeries.

Scratched eye symptoms do not happen immediately so it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint what really causes corneal abrasion.

Symptoms of Scratched Eye: Many individuals have probably heard about this eye ailment but not all are aware of the common symptoms associated with this condition. It is necessary to be aware of the symptoms so that early treatment can be undertaken in case you have been one of the sufferers. Once you have this eye ailment, you will surely be bothered and affected with discomfort and unrelenting pain this can cause.Common symptoms of corneal abrasion are as follows:

  • Feeling of having grit or sand in the eye

  • Pain especially when closing or opening the eye

  • Loss or blurred vision

  • Redness and tearing

  • Light sensitivity

  • Excessive tears

  • Swelling

Recommended Treatment: When something gets inside the eye, the first natural reaction of individuals is to rub it. Rubbing can irritate the eyes but there are safe means on how to remove foreign particles in the eye in manners that will not cause pain and swelling. Individuals can blink their eyes, pull their upper eyelid over the lower eyelid and rinse the eye gently with sterile solution or clear water. In serious cases, individuals are not advised to remove something from the cornea because this can be very risky. Only a doctor should facilitate the task to ensure your safety.See your doctor as soon as possible if you feel that something is really stuck in there. Your doctor will conduct examination and will utilize eye stain to clearly determine the possible damage it has caused in the surface of your cornea. Only a medical expert has the knowledge and skills or removing a thing in the cornea safely and effectively.Abrasions heal over time but in some cases, patients are given with topical antibiotics usually in eye drop forms especially if the abrasion is caused by contact lenses. Eye patching has also been a way of relieving pain associated with this particular eye treatment however this should not be done to patients with higher risks of infections. Some ophthalmologist also suggests using safe and reliable eye drops.

TheNatural Process of Healing: Abrasions and scratches in the eyes can be treated with the most recommended treatments however; individuals should note that this has its own natural process of healing. A scratch in the eye can completely heal within one to two days depending on severity of the case. This does not leave permanent damage when completely healed. During this period, cells will then be reconnecting undamaged layers and renewing the cornea’s scratched part. If you feel that you have scratched your eye, avoid rubbing it as much as possible. You can use cold compress over the eye to prevent it from swelling and to reduce the pain at the same time.

Seeing an Ophthalmologist: This medical expert specializing in eye care and treatment must be contacted in case corneal abrasion is starting to cause intense pain and discomfort. Anesthetic eye drop is recommended to ease your pain and to get rid of possible infection. Your doctor can give you the best recommendation allowing safe and quick eye scratch solutions. Taking a trip to the doctor is the best option to take rather than facilitating do-it-yourself medications. The latter will just put your health and safety into compromise.

Things to Avoid: There are things you can avoid in order to save yourself from the wrath carried out by this eye ailment. If you are fond of using contacts most of the time, you are advised not to wear your contact lens for the entire period. Wearing contact lenses for long period of time may slow down the process of healing. Corneal abrasions do not actually cause blindness but this may blur vision temporarily. Once the eye heals, these may take several weeks to heal and clear your vision. When this happens, you are advised to refrain from rubbing the eyes. Corneal abrasion may recur despite being treated so it is your duty to ask your doctor about safe ointments or lubricants you can use to avoid recurrence.

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