Corneal Abrasion

Eye injuries  as well as a scratched eye are very common these days. Whether you are at your workplace or in your home, your eye can become injured due to various causes. More than 5000 people receive treatment for an eye injury every day and there are several causes we will mention here that you should be aware of.
  • What is a scratched eye?
If sometimes you feel that you have something scratchy in your eye and you are not able to get rid of it then it’s high time you take it seriously as it probably means you have a small corneal abrasion.
Cornea is a thin and a clear cover that covers the iris of your eye. Iris is the colored part in your eye and cornea helps iris to focus the light. A corneal abrasion occurs when you get a cut or a small irritation to the cornea of your eye. If you have hurt your cornea, it can be painful for you. A corneal abrasion is very common but can be irritating at times. They might affect your vision too but it depends on the intensity of the abrasion as to how much your vision will get affected. So it is of utmost importance that you take good care of your eyes and prevent yourself from getting any eye injuries.
Even small injuries could cause more problems in the future. Causes of a these type of eye injuries can vary in many ways, anything that touches your eye can be potentially dangerous. Most people who wear contact lenses suffer from it because they either over wear them or wear lenses that have an improper fitting or else they are not cleaned properly. You can get a eye injury even while you are walking in a park and something suddenly enters your eye when the wind blows.
It can be the dust or any other small material that blows with the wind and enters your eye by mistake. They get rubbed against your eyes and in turn damage your cornea. Some people start rubbing their eyes to get rid of the scratchy feeling which can further affect the cornea of your eye and worsen it. Something as simple as your fingers touching the surface of your eye can cause irritations. Such abrasions in the eye require immediate attention and you must visit your doctor as soon as possible and seek a treatment for this as the aftermaths of a this kind of injury can have serious effects in the future.
A few reasons why you should seek immediate professional treatment after enduring an eye

  • It can affect the vision of your eye completely.
  •   It can make you more susceptible to infections of the eye that are caused by fungus or a bacteria. The bacteria or fungus can enter your eye through the abrasion and in turn can cause a serious harm to your eye. Some have even become blind.


Here are a few symptoms you may be experiencing provided you injured your eye:

  •  If you have a constant feeling that you have something in your eye then it can be due to having scratched your eye.
  •   If your eye has become red due to no apparent reason and you have a scratchy feeling in your eye along with this, then it can be a symptom.
  •   If you have an urge to constantly dig into your eyes and also have some pain then it can be due to a
    abrasion in your eye.
  •   You will have a continuous urge to blink your eye repeatedly.
  •   You will have an urge to rub your eyes again constantly.
  •   You may have excessive amount of tears coming out of your eye.
  • You might have a blurred vision resulting from the swelling of your eye.

These are the most common symptoms of a abrasion in the eye and is the most common type of an eye injury. If you think that you have some of these symptoms then you must immediately consult your doctor for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

What to do if you’re experiencing these type of symptoms?

If you think that you may have injured you eye then you should seek immediate first aid for your eye. It will take some time for you to reach your doctor so you must try to get some basic first aid on your own. You must immediately rinse your eye with a saline solution as it removes foreign bodies from your eye. Keep blinking your eye frequently as it also helps in flushing out the foreign material, if any, in your eye. After this you can try pulling the upper eyelid of your eye over the lower one. This sometimes helps in removing the foreign particles from your eye. Never rub your eye or touch it as it can cause further injury to your eye.


People who suspect an injured eye have to undergo some diagnostic tests. The most common diagnostic test done is fluorescence eye exam. In this test, an orange dye is placed in the the patients eye. There are no side effects of this dye and does not cause any discomfort to the patient. Later this dye easily gets flushed out from the eye in the form of tears. Now once the eye of the patient has soaked this dye then it becomes easy for the doctor to look for scratches in your eye with the help of a fluorescent light. If you have a Scratched Eye, then the orange scratches will appear as the dye would have stuck them by now.

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