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If you have been diagnosed of having a Scratched Eye then you have to treat it or else it may have serious effects on your eye in future. A Scratched Eye is very uncomfortable and irritating  hence you will be required to treat it as soon as possible.

You can treat your eye with a scratch at home first and then go to see your doctor. Here are some tips on how you can treat your eye at home Ways to treat your Scratched Eye at homeYou must immediately treat your eye at home yourself if you suspect it of having a scratch because if you leave it unattended then it may cause a serious harm to your eye. It can even lead to corneal ulcer or many such problems. If you are having a minor irritation in your eye, then you must first wash your eyes with clean water. You can also use a saline solution instead of using tap water. While washing your eyes you must tilt your head back and on the side of the injured eye. Then you should pour water in the eye which is injured. Also take care that the water does not go into your nostrils while doing this activity.You may find this treatment tough to do but you must remember that this is the most effective way of treating the scratch in your eye. You can do this activity when you are sure that you have a minor scratch in your eye. If you are facing acute pain and see swelling in your eye then get a cold compress for your eye so as to get rid of the pain. You must keep your eyes closed while you are putting the closed compress on your injured eye. Then try wearing sunglasses each time you step outside your house in the sun.These treatments are effective only when you think that you have a minor scratch in your eye. If you have a serious one then only a medical specialist can help you to treat it.

Another common treatment for a corneal abrasion is to use an eye patch. This patch will help you in keeping the eye clean and will keep it away from light for some time. This will give some time to the cornea of your eye to heal itself.

Medical Treatment for Scratched Eye

If you think that you have a major scratch in your eye then take it seriously and consult a medical practitioner. He will check your eye thoroughly and diagnose your problem. Based on the diagnosis he will then start the treatment of your eye.

Some doctors and ophthalmologists might also prescribe some antibiotics to be taken. These are in the form of eye drops and are made of steroids. Steroids help in reducing inflammation in your eye. You may also be asked to insert soft contact lenses as they act as a bandage to the cornea of your eye. They may also prescribe some anesthetic eye drops as they relieve you from pain instantly. You should not use these eye drops without consulting your doctor as they may have side effects on your eye. Also the anesthetic drops interfere with the natural healing process so use them less frequently as possible.

These are some of the treatments you can have to heal corneal abrasion of your eye. But always remember that prevention is always better than cure. So you must always protect your eyes and take appropriate precautions so as to avoid having a Scratched Eye.
The medical treatments given for a corneal abrasion are discussed in detail as follows:

  • 1. Using Antibiotics
    After your doctor has determined that you have a corneal abrasion by performing various tests on your eye, then he may prescribe antibiotic eye drops for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions while using them. You might be asked to put them twice or thrice a day and will have to apply them for a specified period of time. This will heal your eye and will make sure that it does not come back in the future.


  • 2. Using Analgesic drops
    If you are having excessive pain in your eye then your doctor may prescribe some analgesic drops for you. These drops help you in relieving your pain and will make your eyes numb. You can stop using these drops if you think that your pain in the eyes has become bearable.

One thing that you must always keep in mind while putting analgesic drops in your eyes is that you must never over use them.
It is always better to treat your eye immediately if you suspect of having a scratch in it. On the other hand it is always advisable that you leave your affected eye alone as it will help it in healing faster. If you keep rubbing your eye or keep putting drops in your eye again and again, then it might worsen your problem.

You must also stop wearing your contact lenses as each time you wear them, they will rub against the scratch in your eye and will cause more irritation in your eye. This can increase the recovery time of your eye too.
Anything that gets hurt takes time in getting healed and you must keep this in mind. So don’t panic and leave your eye alone once you have taken all the necessary treatments.

Precautions you must take:
Remember that protecting your eyes by taking necessary precautions is always better than treating a scratched eye. For this you must always wear protective eye wear in places where you think chances of getting a scratched eye are high. If you are wearing contact lenses then you must take good care to maintain hygiene and never sleep with them on. This will prevent you from getting corneal abrasion of the eye.

You must always wear sunglasses while going out or while working on a machinery if you suspect that it might cause dust particles to come in the air and then enter your eye. You must keep your hands, nails and contact lenses clean.

We have tried to mention every information on a Scratched Eye or a corneal abrasion so that you know the pros and cons of everything and know how to give immediate first aid to your eye in such cases. Always remember that if you suspect anything that is beyond your control then see your doctor immediately and get yourself checked for an eye injury and pay attention to your eye for the next couple of days.

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