Are you wondering how to treat pink eye? The following brief write-up contains all essential facts about common remedies that you can use to address this agitating health problem. Keep reading.

What is pink eye?
Pink eye, otherwise known as conjunctivitis is a common eye problem that affects children as well as adults. The disease is characterized by inflammation of the outermost surface of the eye (sometimes also affects the inner surface of the eyelid) making the eye to appear reddish. It leads to blurred vision and may trigger blindness if left untreated.

What causes it?
Conjunctivitis is in most cases caused by viruses that inhabit the respiratory tract (and are responsible for sore throat and common cold). The infection usually starts with one eye before gradually developing to the second.

In other instances, the disease is linked to bacterial infections normally due to a common culprit known as Staphylococci. Bacterial conjunctivitis causes the influx of redness and swelling of the eyelid in a feat that leads to abnormal production of mucopurulent discharge. Just as it is the case with viral conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis starts with one eye before spreading to the next.

The next predominant cause of pink eye is chemical infections- mainly due to abnormal pH levels either too high acidity or alkalinity. Contact with hash chemicals such as sodium hydroxide can greatly contribute to the onset of this worrying condition.

It is also quite common to come across people suffering from pink eye due to neonatal (contact with strange organisms) and allergic reactions to some form of contact with bad substances.

What are its common symptoms?
The lining of the eye is always clear in normal circumstances but when the infection occurs, the conjunctiva part of the eye becomes red and tends to swell. A lot of tearing which is slightly clear whitish drainage is seen frequenting from the eye which usually lasts 4 to 7 days. The eyelids will also tend to have an itching and burning feeling to the victim’s eye. Pinkeye symptoms can classified into two categories depending on the nature of infection.

*pinkeye caused by bacteria
It occurs when a bacterium enters the eye or areas near the eye. The symptoms are as follows;
-Whitish part of the eye becomes reddish
-Frequent yellowish discharge from the eye
-The gray drainage from the eye causes eyelashes to stick together and this can make the victim’s visual ability ineffective.

*Pink eye caused by virus
This type is either caused by an adenovirus type or herpes type virus. Its symptoms are;
-Whitish drainage from the eye
-Eyelids swelling
-Swollen and tender areas on the ears
-A lot of tearing from the eyelids

What are some of its top treatment alternatives?

Pink eye can be cured by the following ways.

Using home remedies
Using home remedies is the cheapest way to cure pinkeye immediately when you spot any eye pink potential signs and symptoms. This method ensures the patient is relieved in pain and discomfort which comes along with the infection and thus it speeds up the healing process.

What you simply need to do is soak a clean towel in warm water and cover it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes, but remember, you need to repeat this process for sometime so as to get a soothing effect on the affected areas on your eyes. You may also use a rinsed warm cloth to wipe away the yellowish crusts that are formed around your eyelids. Other remedies like Chamomile tea bag or adding artificial tears to eye drops are also very essential in treating pinkeye infections, what you only need to do with chamomile tea bag is place it on your affected eyes using cold water and believe me not it will reduce pain and discomfort like itching caused by pinkeye infections.

By use of medication

Quite a good number of purchased medications have no side effects. Medicines like decongestant and anti-histamine from chemist will be of great importance in reducing symptoms, itching and irritation. Other medication like Corticosteroids which are good anti-inflammatory, are very powerful in efficiency but you need to use with artificial tears eye drops that will compact the side effect of eyes drying up.

Use of injection

Other pink eye infections are related to sexually transmitted diseases which can lead to lose of sight. When the pink eye is discovered to be caused by gonorrhea then ceftriaxone injection is applied then followed by oral erythromycin and tetracycline.

Applying saline water

If you discover that your eyes are mild pink you can sterilize them by using saline water. The saline water will prevent scar tissue from developing in the eyes which may cause blindness.


Oil from lavender flower has efficient anti-viral and bacterial elements which is an effective tool to cure pink eye. The oil drops are applied on affected areas then the eyes are closed for 10-15 minutes to let these elements start healing process.

Use of body supplements

Pink eye can also be cured by use of body supplements. These elements will help in compacting viral and bacterial infections in the body, furthermore these elements will be of great importance in enhancing the body immune system. Zinc and vitamin A are well known to be vital in treating eye infections. Green vegetables, carrots and milk are well known to have supplements which are useful in healing of pink eye infections if only they are made part of the diet often.

Things to keep in mind

I hope the above outlined ideas will equip you on tips to cure pink eye infection but it’s always advisable that prevention is better than cure; the best way to prevent pink eye is by observing high standard of hygiene and making sure that the affected hands with bacteria or virus are not rubbed to your eyelids. Vaccination against influenza, neisseria, adenovirus and meningitis is advisable to prevent pink eye infection.

As we sum it up, we remain optimistic that this article has perfectly answered all your questions on how to treat pink eye. All the best.

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