Irritated Eye

Before we look at the symptoms of an irritated eye and how you should cure it, we must first discover what it is in practical terms.
This type of irritation can happen if some foreign material has fallen into your eye . The foreign material can be dust or a pollen grain or something similar to it. When it enters your eye it starts irritating you and then you start rubbing your eyes to remove the irritation. This is known as an irritated eye but a very common eye injury caused due to this is known as a scratchy eye or a corneal abrasion. It happens when you start rubbing your eyes and then it can scratch your cornea and hence can result in an injury to your eye.

  • So you must always remember not to rubĀ  whenever you feel irritation in it. Rather you must take care and take some precautions so as to avoid any serious affects later.

Here are some of the symptoms to look out for.

  • 1. If you constantly feel like rubbing your eyes due to some irritation then it can be due to something in your eye which is causing irritation. This is one of the first symptoms.
  • 2. Your eye becomes red and you can find no reason for it
  • 3. You feel like digging your eye again and again
  • 4. You have some kind of a pain in your eye
  • 5. You keep blinking your eye continuously within less intervals
  • 6. You have tears or water coming out of your eyes for no reason
  • 7. You suddenly start seeing everything blurred. This can be due to a swelling in the cornea of your eye.

The symptoms listed above are the most common symptoms of an irritated eye and can be treated at home if it’s a minor one. If you think you haven scratched your cornea by rubbing your eye that is causing irritation, then home eye remedies really do work. You can splash water in your eyes and wash your eyes frequently so as to get rid of the foreign particle in your eye that is causing irritation. There are lots of several other ways too to treat your Irritated Eye at home.
But if you feel that the home eye remedies aren’t working and there is a lot of pain in your eyes, then you must seek immediate medical attention. Because if you do not take precautions and treat your eye at the right time then it can result in a serious corneal abrasion and hence a complete loss of vision in your scratched eye. So rush to your doctor instantly as a precaution.
Here are some of the medical treatments that are available.

  • When you rush to your doctor then the very first thing he will do is to diagnose whether you have a scratched eye or not. This can be done by performing a diagnostic test on the affected eye which is called as fluorescein eye exam. In this eye exam, your doctor will put an orange dye in your eye which gets soaked by the eye. After sometime he can see an orange color scratch if you have a scratch in the eye, as the dye gets absorbed by the scratch. There are no side effects of such a dye and it gets flushed out of the eye later in the form of tears.
  • If no scratch is detected in your eye, your doctor may prescribe some eye drops and ask you to take care of your eyes in general as there is nothing to worry about now. But if a scratch is detected, then some medical treatment needs to be done on the affected eye so as to protect it from further damage.

Here are some of them:
1. Your doctor may ask you to put an eye patch on your eye first so that it remains clean and away from light. This will give some time to your Irritated Eye to get healed itself.

2. Some antibiotics may also be given in some cases. These antibiotics are in the form of eye drops which you will have to put in your eyes from time to time. These drops then heal the scratch in your eye in time. These drops also have the capability of removing inflammation in your eye.

3. You may also have to wear soft contact lenses. These lenses act as a protective covering of your eye

4. You may be asked to put some anesthetic eye drops as they give relief from the pain in your eye. You must never use these drops on your own and must seek medical advice before putting them in your eyes. Even though these drops give an instant relief from pain in your eyes, they interfere with the healing process of your Irritated Eye. So it is always better that you use them as less as possible.

5. You might have to take a tetanus injection also if your doctor suspects that something rusty might have entered your eye. This protects you from any infection you may get due to the foreign material that has entered your eye.

These are a few of the common treatments a doctor would do so as to treat your eye.
Even while you are taking medical treatment, you must always try leaving your eye alone. The more you try touching it again and again, the more it will worsen your condition. Hence leave it to heal on its own. Also try wearing protective sunglasses while you are under the treatment. This will keep your eye away from sharp and bright light and will let it heal better. If you wear contact lenses, then make sure that they are clean at all times. Clean them with the solution that you have been prescribed by your doctor and never sleep while wearing them on.

These are some of the precautions you must take while you are under a treatment.
You must never delay going to your doctor as it may injure your eye permanently. As prevention is always better than cure and you must take all kinds of precautions so as to protect your eyes from these type of irritations

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