Retinal Dystrophy

Retinal dystrophy is a condition related to deteriorating or reduced vision in both eyes. It is caused by severance in the eyes vascular system. ‘Retinal’ means related to the retina which is the light delicate film in the rear portion of the eye and dystrophy means a condition that the person is both with. Retinal dystrophy affects the photoreceptor cells which ensures color perception and distance sight. In its initial stages, the retinal dystrophy might have no symptoms and it becomes difficult to suspect this dangerous disorder. It is not a single condition but retinal dystrophy is the name given to a wide array of eye conditions (for ex: Reitinitus Pigmentosa).

Retinal Dystrophy may be of 2 types, innate or acquired and central or peripheral. In the myopic eyes, when the aggravated blood circulation causes reduction in the delivery of nutritive substances and oxygen to the retina leading to various peripheral and central retinal dystrophies. The innate or acquired retinal dystrophy may be age related, pigment related and white dotted. Age related dystrophy develops after the age of 60. Pigment related dystrophy is due to poor photo receptor functioning and the white dotted related dystrophy originated in childhood.

  • Treatment of Retinal Dystrophy:

There is no reliable and common way to treat sight loss in retinal dystrophies. There are new efforts being put in to stop the sight loss in retinal dystrophy but however it is in experimental stages. Peripheral dystrophies of retina may be treated by means of a laser (The prophylaxis peripheral laser photo coagulation). Retinal consolidation is the main aim of argon laser treatment. The principle of treatment is a sharp increase in temperature which provokes coagulation of tissues. For this procedure special lens with anti reflecting coating, which allows complete penetration of laser rays is placed over the eye of the patient.

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