Torn Cornea

Cornea is the clear transparent layer of the eye. A torn cornea is a scratched or scraped area of the corneal surface (epithelium) resulting from an injury due to a tree branch, a finger in the eye, dirty or poor fitted contact lenses and flying grass. A torn cornea is also the result of chemical burns, eyelashes growing in the wrong way, eye infections, sawdust, dirt, sand and other foreign materials entering the eye.

In some cases of torn cornea, the bowman’s membrane present below the epithelium may also get damaged. A torn cornea is very painful, discomforting and the most common injury to the eye.
When a person suffers a torn cornea, the most common symptoms are pain, blurred vision, redness of the eyes, excessive tears, a feeling of something in the eye and sensitivity to light.

  • Treatment of a Torn Cornea:

In cases of torn cornea, the patient should first try to blink his/her eyes several times to remove the entered particle. If this does not work, the patient should flush their eyes with water continuously. After this the patient should consult the doctor for medication. The type of treatment for a torn cornea will depend on the size of scratch on the cornea. In cases where a large part of the cornea is torn, the doctors may insert a bandage contact lens for covering the injured part of the cornea.

This bandage contact lens is prescribed to be worn for 24 hrs so that the torn cornea can heal soon as the lens leaves the healing cells undisturbed.

Numbing eye drops are prescribed sometimes to arrest pain and reduce secondary inflammation. To prevent infection in a torn area, antibiotic eye drops are also prescribed. Depending on the intensity of pain, oral pain medication or topical Non steroidal anti inflammatory eye drops are prescribed.

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